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marriage celebrant

Kahani has a refreshing and relaxed ceremony style. She likes to think of her personality as excitable yet relatable, and she loves to infuse a seamless blend of humour and romance into the words she weaves. Perhaps most importantly, her approach to both the prep process and each couple’s ceremony itself is a highly personalized one. She’s also Elsewhere’s Admin Queen. Kahani is really good at being (or seeming) sophisticated and eloquent one moment and an absolute dag the next, and she’s really shit at keeping earrings in her ears.




Ryal brings such warmth to the photos he produces and through his personality as a photographer which makes all the difference to a couple’s special day. He loves capturing the little in-between moments just as much as the big ones, and while offering guidance, his approach is ultimately to represent a couple exactly as they are rather than imposing on them a constructed style of his own. Ryal is really good at mumbling silly things to make people laugh and he’s really shit at abstaining from cake the moment it’s served at a wedding, almost before anyone else gets a piece.



the duo

Ryal and Kahani have been making magic at far too many weddings to count both individually and as a duo, but through Elsewhere they relish the chance to slow it down with couples, to enrich their experience of getting married, and to bring the focus right back to the most important, most special, most marvellous part of it all: you two.


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